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Post Syracuse 70.3 298
The Man, The Myth, The Legend! 260
Waiting for Daddy 234
Bike Check 212
Dirty German 50 Miler 197
Cannondale Synapse 190
Canondale Synapse Ultegra Disc 188
Quintana Roo Trisports Black Mamba 186
Third Place Age Group 184
Cannondale Slice 174

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MAtt's 8 Mile Swim 1
Dirty German 50 Miler 1
Cannondale Synapse
Cannondale Slice
Canondale Synapse Ultegra Disc
Quintana Roo Trisports Black Mamba
MAtt's 8 Mile Swim
Dirty German 50 Miler
The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Waiting for Daddy
Post Syracuse 70.3

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